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At HERBIN CO., our relationship with our clients allows us to handcraft custom hats and accessories to be as unique as they are. Each piece is made to fit your size but, most importantly, your style.



Loved everything about the experience here at Herbin Co. This is what luxury retail is missing!

Bliss F.

Herbin Co.'s guidance and expertise turned me into a hat person! Herb and Bre really took care of me and made the perfect hat with little input! :)

Chandy P.

Never thought I looked good in hats until I came to Herbin Co. I've never gotten this many looks and compliments until I wore my custom hat! Their customer service is exceptional! For custom hats look no further than Herbin Co.!

Richard T.

Herbin Co. is the only place to go for hats! I've gotten so many compliments on my hat and their process was an amazing experience! I will be back for their travel tote! :)

Passion B.