Herb Rhedrick and Breanne Hardison wanted to start a business together doing something that interested them both and fueled their creative sides. They were engaged October 2019 and founded Herbin Co. in November 2019. They were both "hat people" so they started off by styling a few wool fedoras. Bre was bartending part-time at a lounge in Downtown Atlanta and when she would wear a hat to work members started buying them right off of her head. That's when they knew they had something special. Herb began to learn more about the craft of millinery, Bre expanded her sewing knowledge and now here we are!

We started with stories about Atlanta; the place my fiancé was raised, where we met and where I bought my first home. 




Herbin is a phonetic play on words, but is also the name of our founder and master milliner Herb Rhedrick. Herb Jr. & Sr. both wore hats from as early as 1963 and between them there’s a collection of over 200 hats.



We desire to celebrate all parts of the urban experience, even ones that aren’t always broadcast. Urban stories are what help fuel the world's popular culture so we wanted to take the most authentic of those stories and tell them through our handmade products.    




The Trap Hatter, Herbert Rhedrick III

We have in-house tools to measure the size and shape of your head so your hat will fit you, and only you. 

We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to make you a high quality piece. Each piece is Handmade in Atlanta, using premium materials like silk accoutrement, rabbit and beaver fur felts.

The “XXX” pattern is our signature, representing the three generations of ‘Herbs’; it's also to symbolize our limited releases for each hat, only 30 versions of a design will ever be out in the world.

- Herb Rhedrick, The Trap Hatter

Breanne L. Hardison


We play heavily with color and we want to be known for classic but inventive combinations. We are showing you the world through our urban lens with our original designs. I want people wearing these pieces with your Jordan 1's or on your Wedding Day, for your Graduation or New Years Eve. 

Your HERBIN CO. piece will tell your story, and we are so happy to be the publisher.

Our story's just beginning...  

- Bre Hardison