Herbin is a phonetic blend of the word so often used in reference to our community and the name our master hatter Herb Rhedrick III. Herb Jr. & Sr. both wore hats from as early as 1963, and between them, there are a collection of over 200 hats, hence our signature XXX's.Handmade hats atlanta Herbin Co. Models




To create premium, unique fashion for the urban elite.


Atlanta Hat Company Black Fedora

Herbin Co.'s pieces embody the heirlooms of our culture. We want to create and preserve these precious parts of our culture for a more connected, prideful, thriving urban community for generations to come. 


Herbin Co. premium accessories are the staple of every urban elite's wardrobe. 

Atlanta Hat Company Fabric Shopping

Premium accessories elevate your wardrobe, period. Our clients deserve the investment in detail and personalized experience they receive with each custom piece we expertly craft at Herbin Co.

You will feel your best knowing your custom Herbin Co., crafted from the finest materials, is intentionally made just for you. A true 1 of 1!